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CAT's Online Diary : Without Knowing Why

12.36 pm
6f ELJ
I'm late for 1 minute… arrived in the office 4:01
FAU Training.
Took my 1st break at 5;52
RRT line was queuing.
We are only 3 supports left for the closing shift
Websence was down.
FS and FB to the max.
Reading my inbox.
Checking yahoo groups.
Checking the weather forecast online
Justin was absent.
TM Edsel is bugging me.
I ate crepe.
Its payday today and I have dispute again. WTF
Quote for today : The most painful thing that could ever happen to you is without knowing why…
9 years ago...
Usual afternoon. Just finish our class. Again, it’s an ordinary day.
Loads of assignment, lot of tasks. Whew.. There’s a speech choir contest and we need to participate. It’s an intersection contest.
Of course we need to win or rather, it’s already expected that we will win.
Copied some assignment from my classmates especially in Math. (Damn Math!)
We just rest for a while, combed our hair and made sure that everything's in place. Put some gel on it as well.
Check my socks and shoes. Everything’s seems fine.
I just put some baby powder on my face. Check myself on the mirror. I look the same.
I actually don’t care about it.
Our Junior Officers called us.
Time for our Afternoon Formation.
Oops. There's something wrong.
Mama Jonna is not on the good mood; Mam Maggie's eyebrows are raised.
Mam Regaele is not smiling. Mam Aira's face is also dimmed.
Sir Ely Mandar is just the same, looks like he doesn’t care but he's not in his usual restless self.
They are asking us about something. Reminding us of SOP 1
Did someone just spill something?
Eyes Front!
Guilty as stated. We are looking through each other's eyes.
Mam Jonna is not asking Mila about something.
Ma'am No Ma'am...was Mila's answers.
What's this all about? What's wrong? There is something I don’t know.
Perhaps because I don’t stay much after school lately. And perhaps because I’m always with Mam Karen and Mam Venderlipe and Ate Sheryl (ooops, its mam Sheryl)
I really don’t know what happened or what is happening.. I’m lost
Squat Sitting Position Move!
The long lectures start...
Jelai was late and she was asked to do the pumping.
And the usual afternoon turns to a nightmare...
My whole body is aching. And yes I’m crying.
Everyone else was crying.
SOP5 Obey first before you complain...
My knees can’t stand it anymore. We are now asked to get our things and go home...
And as good followers as we are... we obeyed..
We rolled over the staircase upon going home..
My crush saw me but I don’t care about him anymore...
Right now, I don’t care about anything else...
And I don’t know what hurts me more: my body because of the exercises given or being naive on whets going on...
And I guess the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to me is to be left behind without knowing why...
14 y’o rhoze

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